Learning Urdu language classes

Learning Urdu language classes

اردو زبان سیکھنے کا صفحہ

Welcome to Urdu classes. You are here because you would like to learn some or fluent Urdu. If that is so, you can contact me for an online course. At the moment it is not possible to arrange a group course in a class somewhere because I am based in the Netherlands and you may be contacting from some other country. So the easiest and fast way to follow an Urdu course is joining an online course which I will give within an online platform.

I offer courses for both beginners and advanced learners.

How does it work?

You can register for a course by sending me a message via the contact form or using this email address: ahhairan@aol.com Please provide as much information as you can about your language needs and level. After I receive your registration, I will contact you as soon as possible and will give you detailed information about the course you can join. Since people from all around the world can contact me via this page the German, Dutch, French and Spanish pages of this website, it may be possible that you are able to join a course within a short period of time. When it is clear and sure that a course is going to be started, I will send you an invoice and when you have paid that, your registration is confirm. After that I will send you the course material and the details of an online platform where you can join the course.

How much does the course cost?

Each course has 10 weekly lessons, each lesson 2 hours. If courses of other duration and insensitivity (for example daily lessons), you will be offered information about that after which you can choose which course you would like to do.

The fee for a standard course (10 weekly lessons), each lesson 2 hours, is: € 200 (including course material).

If you have other ideas or suggestions about an online or group course that you would like me to start, or you have any questions of any kind, just leave me a message using the contact form or the email address above and I will be happy to discuss that further with you.