Language course: Dirty / colloquial Pashto

Language course: Dirty / colloquial Pashto

This course is for those who know some or quite good Pashto but would like to take a step up to perfection by learning the colloquial use.

This is an online class that can be joined from any part of the world. From the very first lesson we will work with the colloquial use of the Pashto language. The following aspects, among others, will be part of the course:

- expressions and idioms

- words and sentences that are considered 'dirty' in general and are avoided in public but used widely in informal and/or private settings

- some differences between the major two dialects (Kandahari and Yousafzai) that can lead to misunderstandings and confusion

- a lot of other slang

If you are interested in this course, you are welcome to register. There will be 10 weekly classes, each class of 1 hour. The price is € 100. learning material is included in this price.

You can register yourself by writing to When registering. please indicate what will be the best day and time for you. As soon as there are enough registrations, I will plan the course on a date that is convenient for everyone. I will communicate with you about any planning.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me using the email address given above.