Cultural advice Afghanistan and Pakistan

Cultural advice Afghanistan and Pakistan

If you are looking for advice / information on cultural matters regarding Afghanistan and Pakistan, such as the languages Pashto, Urdu, Dari and their dialects, the political situation, terrorism and terrorist groups, tribes and their conflicts, journalism, education, the tribal areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan, the areas between Iran and Afghanistan, the madrassas (religious seminaries) in Pakistan, documents etc., you can contact me by writing directly to

Please provide as much information as you can so I can help you faster and better. As soon as I have received your question, I will take contact with you to discuss the possibilities with you.

About me

I was born in Kondoz, northern Afghanistan, but my childhood and teenage years I have spent in the refugee camps and madrassas (Islamic seminaries) in the tribal areas (officially called FATA) and some cities in Pakistan. I left the madrassa because of the widespread child abuse, preaching hatred and violence and advocating ignorance and backwardness.

Later I lived and worked in Lahore for some years, then in Karachi, afterwords in Peshawar and finally in Kabul. It was in Karachi when I gradually entered journalism but worked as a full time journalist later in Peshawar and Kabul. Working as a journalist in conflict zones means experiencing the conflict from close by. During my life in the tribal areas, in the madrassas, and later as journalist, I saw and experienced all kinds of situations from very close.

After I moved to Kabul, I started to work as a researcher at a research institute while continued to work as a journalist as well. In all these years I was also active in literary circles and produced literary works. My literary books have been published in Peshawar and Kabul. Besides that I have written hundreds of articles for newspapers and magazines and have worked on thousands of interpretation and translation projects.