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Besides my experience in journalism in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the language classes that are being offered here and for which you can register, the high translation and interpretation services that I offer and my good command of several languages, I have also expertise in the social and political situation of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

When I am free, I travel a lot and am working on my novels and other books. So knowledge of languages, cultures and people is my life, my hobby and my passion. I provide high quality translation services and offer language classes at different levels to language learners around the world. My specialty as a language service provider is that I do my work in a very professional and serious way. Neutrality, confidentiality, responsibility and quality are of paramount importance in this process for me.

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You can also read some articles I have written on this website by clicking this link. Below is one example of those articles.

Translating is not only translating!

Some two, three years back I read a story-like Pashto article on a website that shocked me very much. Someone who was working as a translator and interpreter in California, the United States (as was clear from the information he had given in the story), had written about an Afghan couple that was seeking asylum in the United States.

According to the writer of this article, he himself was invited to translate for the couple and when he arrived at the office of the immigration agency, he found out that the couple had converted to Christianity. And when he went to the room where he had to translate at the meeting, he recognized the couple as they had been neighbors in Afghanistan.

This 'interpreter' had written in his article that he deliberately tried to intimidate and frighten the couple and when, at the end of the meeting, he was requested to drive the couple to their flat, he accepted it. He used this as an opportunity to humiliate them yet more in his car and on the way he thought several times it would be good to throw them out of the running car but then he did not do that. But, he had written further, he had frightened them so much that when they arrived in the front of the flat, the woman left the car and fell on the ground!

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